Cornish Engine House Tin Mine Incense Burner, Handmade Studio Pottery

Cornish Engine House Tin Mine Incense Burner, Handmade Studio Pottery -  Small

Cornish Engine House Tin Mine Incense Burner.

Bring me to life and light my fire! An incense cone/stick can be placed inside the chimney which brings it to life with smoke. Place a tea light in the engine house to light it up.

This beautiful unique piece is hand made using the slab building handbuild technique. Each piece is individually cut out from slabs of clay and joined together. Each brick is drawn on by hand and each window cut out individually. Once built and fully dried the piece is then bisque fired. It is then ready to be glazed and raku fired (an ancient Japanese method of firing - in an outside kiln with a gas burner until it reaches a temperature of 900-950 degrees then whilst hot removed and placed into metal bin containing wood chips). This process brings out the copper from the glaze components which can be seen visibly. Each raku firing will give a differing unpredictable result - wow!

The chimney on this medium variation is approx 24.5cm tall. Both the engine house and the chimney sit separately on a base surrounded by a rock wall.

This item is made and ready to be shipped - choose from the photo of 3 (left, middle, right)

Each item is individually made and glazed so may vary slightly in size, shape and colour. I love that each one is different - unique, just like the person adopting it into their family.

The environment is very important to me which is why I have teamed up with the Charity "One Tree Planted" so that for every order placed with me a tree is planted in an area affected by deforestation.

Thank you for your interest.


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